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Desiree Crossman with Traveling Yoginista along with Dr. Chris Coulsby bring a YOGA WORKSHOP you don't want to miss:

Yoga is a powerful tool to provide movement into the musculoskeletal and kinetic chain with practice and awareness of the body. Whether you want to prevent injury or recover from current aches and pains, this workshop will empower you to move with grace and ease. Students are able to participate in a facilitated discussion as we bring in Dr. Chris Coulsby of Crown City Chiro along with one of Reach co-leads, Desiree Crossman RYT500 to discuss a few common injuries in yoga postures and practical solutions for teachers and students to avoid or mitigate these injuries. This workshop benefits new and advanced practitioners alike in the causes of injury in modern day yoga classes and potential safeguards to be examined as we touch on knees, shoulders, and wrists. Our workshop will include one and a half hour of discussion and demonstration, finishing with one hour of Q and A. We welcome members of the Reach community as well as being open to the public.