Anna Hinze

Anna grew up in Arizona where she did gymnastics, dance and tumbling. She took dance and barre classes in college and studied business until she was offered a job in San Diego, California. Two years after her move, she was in a car accident that caused a physical injury, which forced Anna to stop barre classes as she had a lot of pain. Anna was very discouraged because she loved creative workouts. However, she was introduced to yoga to add to her physical therapy. She fell in love with the creativity, wisdom and spiritual aspect of the practice. She knew she wanted to incorporate yoga into her life forever after discovering all of the health benefits. Her goal through teaching is to show other individuals that you are never “broken” even if you have an injury. She hopes to inspire students to heal through any physical or emotional setbacks and cultivate yoga into a creative, daily practice.

Anna Hinze instructs the following:
  • RY Vinyasa Flow
  • Join us for this amazing flow that will leave you inspired. All levels welcome. Enjoy the the true meaning of Vinyasa; tap into the breath/movement and find a new level of motivation.