Kendra DeSelms

KD DeSelms is a creative, enthusiastic yoga instructor specializing in vinyasa flow. She has been practicing yoga since the age of 8 and has practiced all over the world including Costa Rica, HI, Cancun, and Spain. KD moved to San Diego in 2010 to obtain a degree in Sustainability from SDSU and instantly fell in love with the yoga community in Southern California. KD loves teaching yoga because it has made her feel like her best self and she wants to share this feeling with others. Her classes will take you deeper mentally, challenge you physically, and awaken you spiritually.

Kendra DeSelms instructs the following:
  • RY Yin
  • This class is about passive postural holds to increase blood circulation as well as flexibility while allowing the mind to dive deeper in a more meditative state, cultivating silence and peace of mind. It's time to release physical, mental, and emotional stress and compliment your power vinyasa practice.